School District Liability Expert

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Bullying, Discrimination, and Title IX Compliance

When an incident occurs within a school district, you need an expert to determine if the district is liable for the damages that are alleged. As an attorney myself, I understand firsthand the importance of selecting an expert witness with deep expertise, compelling communication skills and the ability to withstand sometimes brutal cross-examination in deposition or on the stand. I will provide all three.

I provide expert witness services for cases related to:

  • Bullying and illegal harassment

  • Title IX compliance

  • Sexual harassment, abuse, or misconduct

  • Sexual abuse and misconduct in schools: adult-to-student and student-to-student

  • Negligent hiring

  • Employee performance issues

  • Remediation and dismissal / wrongful termination

Nationally recognized expert

Over 30 years of experience training, investigating and consulting on liability regarding sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and teacher performance issues.

Attorney at Law

Understands the legal and cross-examination processes used in the courtroom and knows how to to navigate them while maintaining composure.

Dependable professional

Served as expert witness on over 100 cases. Deep understanding of state and federal laws and able to ensure a thorough review of district policies.


Mary Jo McGrath, JD

  • Nationally recognized expert on sexual harassment and sexual abuse in schools, bullying and harassment liability, and teacher performance issues. 

  • California's leading expert on teacher termination litigation and employee supervision, evaluation, and discipline.

  • Founder and President of McGrath Training Solutions since 1989, making schools safer 

  • Designer and author of SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK Communication, Supervision, Evaluation and Leadership, which produces excellence in management/employee communication, performance and evaluation. 

  • Expert consultant to The Governor’s Office, State of California, on the reformation of teacher tenure laws. 

  • Past Chair of the U.S. Department of Education Expert Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools

  • Author of School Bullying: Tools for Avoiding Harm and Liability (2011)

"Thoroughness, commitment and poise is what defines Ms. McGrath in my view.   You never have to worry about her being prepared.  Bank on it.  She is extremely passionate about keeping children safe from predators as she has spent a good chunk of her career developing policies to best achieve this goal.  Finally, she is composed and articulate especially when she is under pressure.  I could not recommend her more enthusiastically."

Robert Allard, Esq.

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